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    DEA Program
    Management of Agri-Food Companies
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    DEA Program
    Management of Agri-Food Companies

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Agri-Food Companies Management Program

This Program is the leading program in Spain of training and entrepreneurship development for the Food Industry managers. It was implemented more than 30 years ago and almost 2,000 businesspeople and executives have taken part in this program.

It is a unique program in Spain since it gathers business managers from all activity areas of the Food Chain in order to improve their management skills, through the Case Study Method, and to exchange experiences and identify common areas of mutual interest and collaboration.

The “DEA” Program will be developed during the 2022-2023 academic year in Madrid and Zaragoza.

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DATE Madrid: November 2024 to July 2025
LENGTH 9 Months
PLACE Madrid and Zaragoza
MODALITY Assistance required

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Why should you do the DEA Program with us?


Your global knowledge about the industry will improve and you will acquire better understanding of the environmental challenges to generate competitiveness in the Food Chain.


You will improve senior manager skills: analysis and diagnosis abilities, solution-making and alternative courses of action.


You will exchange experiences and you will find business opportunities within the Food Chain by getting involved in a group of people with common interests.


Businesspeople, senior managers in in top-level positions of responsibility in Food Chain companies.


Our own faculty has a broad experience in Management and its business, managerial and teaching practice.


There are more than 10,000 alumni from SMEs, large companies and institutions to take part in networking activities with.

Case Study Method


  • Real business case studies posing questions and showing the latest and interesting business situations today.
  • Extra technical notes and conferences-colloquiums given by our faculty and leading experts are provided to strengthen your personal learning experience.
  • The writers of the case studies will also help you to carry out further analysis on them.
  • The case studies you will work with in the DEA Program are constantly updated. They address real experiences from businesspeople and managers in leading Food Chain companies.


  • Managerial decision-making.
  • Operations Management.
  • People Management.
  • Quantitative Information for Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Economic Environment.
  • Management and Commercial Strategy.
  • Corporate Governance of Agri-Food Companies.
  • New Digital Environment.
  • Competition within the Food Chain.
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The DEA Program addresses to businesspeople and senior executives with large professional experience in top positions in SMEs of the Food Chain.

  • Primary sector (agriculture, cattle industry, fishery).
  • Food processing.
  • Commercial distribution (retailer, wholesaler), catering industry and food service.
  • Activity sectors associated with the Food Chain (logistics, biotechnology, consulting services, agricultural and industrial supplies, banking and venture capital institutions, etc.).

Ricado Delgado

Ricado Delgado

President. COVAP

"Frankly, it's worth making time for this programme in our always busy schedule".

Marta Gómez-Cuétara

Marta Gómez-Cuétara

Consejera Delegada RISI

"It's a good opportunity to get some fresh air and to see different points of view on the same fact."

Patrick de la Cueva

Patrick de la Cueva


"Thank you for teaching us how to think, rather than telling us what to think".

Andoni Martínez

Andoni Martínez

Director Foodservice FINDUS

"It has helped me to define the objectives and strategy of my organisation and to share them in a clearer way with my collaborators".
Manuel Muñoz de la Cámara

Manuel Muñoz de la Cámara

Sales Director HIPERCOR

"A high level of complicity has been achieved among everyone. This is an attribute of San Telmo, which generates a very favourable working environment with its students".
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